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PS4160 - Criminal Procedure and Evidence

Where should I search? Recommended Resources

Once you've decided on your search terms, the next important step is to decide whether to search Summon or an appropriate database. Here are some recommended databases to help you get started. Hover over the titles to see the descriptions.

Create a Search Strategy

Your Assignment

This course asks you to locate a number of different resources concerning criminal procedure and evidence; the Fourth, Fifth, or Sixth Amendment; and police liability.

Selecting Keywords

Use keywords to search. For this topic you may want to use combinations of:

  • criminal procedure
  • criminal evidence
  • Fourth Amendment OR Fifth Amendment OR Sixth Amendment
  • police OR law enforcement
  • liability OR liable
  • misconduct

You can also look for specific issues from your readings such as:

  • Negligence
  • "Assault and Battery"
  • "Burden of Proof"
  • "Failure to Prosecute"

Where should I start?

There are several types of resources that might be helpful for this assignment.

Types of resources:

  1. Background information on the different Amendments
  2. Legal cases
  3. Finding scholarly articles in the Capella Library

Think about which type of information you want for your paper.  Several good resources are linked in the box to the left.  Feel free to ask a librarian for help.