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PSY5244: Play Therapy - Major Contributor Biography

Learn how to research the biographical information, theoretical position, and publications written by major contributors to the field of play therapy.

PSY5244: Researching Play Therapists


This research guide was designed to help you complete your research for assignments and other activities in PSY5244.

In the guide you will find information about researching the biographical and professional life of a major contributor in the field of play therapy, as well as their theoretical position and contributions to the field.



As part of your work for this course you will select a major contributor to the field of play therapy.  Possible contributors to choose from include:                                      

  • John Allan
  • Virginia Axline
  • Don Dinkmeyer
  • Anna Freud
  • Bernard and Louise Guerney
  • Dora Kalff
  • Garry Landreth
  • Melanie Klein
  • David Levy
  • Terry Kottman
  • Margaret Lowenfeld
  • Clark Moustakas
  • Carol and Byron Norton
  • Violet Oaklander
  • D.W. Winnicott

Navigate through the tabs of this guide to learn effective research strategies for finding biographical, theoretical, and publication information on your contributor of choice.