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Reflective Practice

This guide provides some recommended search strategies for finding articles on models of reflective practice.

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 See our full library research tutorial on iGuide for tips on:

  • Time management tools for research
  • Searching for information on a topic
  • Searching for discipline-specific research articles

Introduction to the Assignment

This assignment allows you to find articles on models of reflective practice.  Please use the recommended databases and search strategies below to find the articles you need.

Accessing Library Databases

1. Go to the Library Homepage.

2. Click the Databases tab.

3. Click Databases A-Z for a list of all available databases.

Databases A-Z link.

4. Select a subject from the All Subjects drop-down menu for a list of recommended databases for that subject.

The following databases are recommended for this assignment:

  • Academic Search Premier  
  • PsycINFO
  • SocINDEX
  • Psychology Journals

5. Click the database name to enter the database.

Search Examples

To find articles on models of reflective practice, follow the recommended databases and search strategies below.

1. Go to the  Library Home Page and access the databases (see the Accessing Library Databases section below)

2. Use keywords to search. For your topic, try the following search in the recommended databases:

  • reflective
  • practice
  • model (optional keyword)

Example search strategies combining keywords:

1st search box: reflective (Select TI Title, AB Abstract, or Abstract - AB)

2nd search box: practice (Select AB Abstract or Abstract - AB)

3rd search box (optional): model (Select AB Abstract or Abstract - AB)

See examples from the PsycINFO and Proquest Psychology Journals database below.  Also, be sure to try the same search in the other recommended databases as they have different journals and will give you additional results.

Example of search in a database:

Example search in PsycINFO

Note: Change the pull down menu from "TI Title" to "AB Abstract" to expand your search.

Example search in Proquest Psychology Journals


Article Titles vs. Abstract: Article titles do not fully articulate what an article is about.  Be sure to read the complete Abstract to better evaluate if an article fits your research topic  Abstracts summarize article content with more details.  In most databases you can click on the article title to view an abstract.

Revising your search: You may need to revise your search several times until you find relevant articles on your topic (try to narrow to fewer than 200 results).  For more help revising your search, watch our Forming a Search Strategy tutorial or Ask a Librarian for assistance.

4.  Click the Full Text, PDF Full Text, or Find Full Text links to get the full text of the article.  The Capella Library databases include full text of some articles and abstracts of others.  If you do not have access to the full text of the article you can: