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SHB8775 - Aging/Grieving Course Project Research Guide

This guide is meant to assist learners in SHB8775 find necessary research literature to complete the required final PowerPoint presentation.

About This Guide

Clipart image of two people sitting on a bench overlooking a park.

The final PowerPoint presentation due at the end of your coursework in SHB8775 is a cumulative effort of several assignments you will complete throughout the course: Project Topic Selection (Unit 3), Summative Evaluation (Unit 5), Evaluating National Programs (Unit 7), and finally your PPT Presentation (Unit 9).

As part of these assignments, you are expected to conduct research in several areas related to the program or service you selected in Unit 3.  While you are required to use scholarly literature to support your program evaluation and recommendations, there are unlikely to be many (or any) articles published on the specific program you selected.  Instead, use this guide to jumpstart your research by finding articles with general information related to aging and grieving populations that you can analyze and synthesize to meet your needs.

This guide includes research help finding articles on:

  • Theories
  • Biopsychosocial elements
  • Cultural elements
  • Spirituality
  • Family/Community support
  • Professional Collaboration
  • Legal/Ethical issues
  • Help with Powerpoint

Feel free to modify any search suggestion as needed based on the results you are finding. If you need additional assistance finding articles, please Ask a Librarian.