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Automated Citations from the Library Databases

Important Information about Automated Citations

This guide contains information on how to use the automated citation tools in the library databases. Click the database/vendor from the left side of the page to see how to get an automated citation from that database/vendor.

NOTE: Always double-check the APA formatting!  

Automated citations frequently have small mistakes.  Typically, the citations are 90-95% correct, but you are still responsible for the final style quality.

APA Style & Format

To learn more about APA formatting, visit the APA Style & Format page in the Writing Center.

Additional APA Help



In-text Citations HelpShows two common ways to write the needed citation in your sentences that are ideas from a source per APA Reference Format.

The Reference ListShows an end-of-document reference list per APA Reference Format.

Paraphrasing Help: Describes how to paraphrase. From the Undergraduate library guide.

Son of Citation

Son of Citation Machine is an Internet site that is helpful in crafting website citations: