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How do I find Books?


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Finding Journal Articles

How do I find scholarly articles?

The Databases A-Z page is the gateway to finding millions of scholarly articles in the library, but searching the databases is different than searching Google or other search engines.



Learn More! Review our Search Strategy tutorial to learn how to save time with a good search.

Finding E-books

How do I find books in the Capella University Library?

The Capella Library's book collection is entirely made up of electronic, or digitally scanned, books. The Library has two general subject ebook collections: Ebrary and eBooks on EBSCOhost. These collections together contain over 63,000 ebooks. We also have a subject specific collection in psychology called PsycBOOKS.

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What good are books? My instructor wants me to use articles.

Books are a great source of information for your papers, research and coursework. Books and ebooks allow an author to explore a topic in great depth, including important background or historical information. They also offer a different perspective than articles because they tend to provide a deeper overview or framework for the topic. You also do not have to read the whole book. If only a chapter is useful you can simply use it and cite only that chapter. Using the steps outlined below you can get the books and ebooks you need.

  • Note: While books are not the same as peer-reviewed articles, they often act as great signposts to important articles. Check the reference list for each book and chapter.

Finding a Book by Title

I already know the title I want. How do I find it?

Journal and Book Locator is the best tool to use if you already have a book title, and you want to see whether the library has the book.

1. Go to the Library Web Site. (Click Library tab on iGuide Navigation menu.)

2. Click the Books tab.

3. Type the book title (e.g. Art of Teaching) and search.

Books tab on the Library Home page

Skip initial articles, like “The” or “An”

4. If your book is available, click the database name (e.g. Ebrary Academic Complete Subscription Collection).

Screenshot of Journal and Book Locator search.

Ebook List on Research Methodology

Where do I find methodology books?


It can be hard to find articles about methodology. Typically, research methodology is discussed in books. The Capella University Library has many ebooks that cover research topics.


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