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PSY5246: Play Therapy - Assignment Research Guide

This guide supports portions of the research assignments for the PSY5246 play therapy course.

PSY5246: Researching for your Play Therapy Assignments

"" This research guide was designed to help you find articles to complete your research assignments in PSY5246.

Use the tabs above to learn appropriate search techniques for finding articles to support your major assignments within the course.

Remember, there is no perfect search and it often takes a few tries to find good, relevant articles on your research topic (trial and error!).  The techniques within these tabs are suggestions and jumping off points for you to explore the literature in your area.

As always, if after 20-30 minutes of researching in the library you are still not finding what you need - please call or email the library for assistance (see Ask a Librarian box to the right).  We will work with you to find a search strategy that works.