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PSY7210: Researching for Case Study Assignments

This guide will help you research for your Case Study 1 assignment in unit 6 and your Case Study 2 assignment in unit 8.

PSY7210: Case Study Article Searches

""For your case study assignments in Units 6 and 8 of the course, you are asked to select a case study of interest from a list of four case studies.  Then in a paper, summarize the case and provide a diagnosis and potential intervention strategy for your case.  

As part of this assignment, you will need to use the library to find research articles that help you identify and support:

  • Your diagnosis and any possible theories as to why the presenting challenge in your case study has occurred.
  • An intervention you might use in this situtation.

Each of your case study papers must include at least 5 scholarly sources as references.

Use the tabs of this guide for searching techniques to help you find research articles to complete your case study research.