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FD1800 Communities of Inquiry - Library Search

Before You Begin


Before you create a search strategy, review the following tutorials:

These and other refreshers are available to learners under
Skill Development Tutorials on the Library Guides Homepage.

Accessing Library Databases

1. Go to the Library Homepage.Databases A-Z link

2. Click Databases A-Z.(A. Click the Databases tab. B. Click Databases A-Z.)

3. Find your desired database in the alphabetical list. 

The following collections are recommended:

Creating a Search Strategy

There are several steps you should take in order to create an effective search strategy:

  1. Break down your topic into the most significant keywords
  2. Think of related words or synonyms that can be used to describe your topic.
  3. Take out little words like if, it, is, in, of, a, to, etc.
  4. Remove words like "effects" or "consequences."  Researchers usually focus on a single effect/consequence for their research, so they ten to not use those words specifically when they write
  5. Use AND between unique keywords and OR between synonyms when creating your search.
  6. Enter each unique keyword with its synonyms in a separate search box (see Example Searches tab to view what this example search topic might look like in a database).


Topic: creating a comunity of inquiry in online courses

Keywords: "community of inquiry", distance education, teaching

Related words and synonyms:

  • online learn*
  • online education
  • distance learn*

 * Asterisk allows you to truncate a word to its root which will search for the root word with any ending, e.g. stereotyp* searches stereotype, stereotypes, stereotyping.


 Combine with AND and OR:

  • "community of inquiry"
  • distance education or online learn* or online education or distance learn* 



    Sample Searches:

     Screenshot of online learning search strategy in ProQuest Education Journals.  The search field "Anywhere except full text - ALL" is selected.

     Screen shot of community of inquiry search in Academic Search Premier database.

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