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Database Guide: IBISWorld

Research Databases

What is a database?

A library database is a large digital collection of research material, normally peer reviewed journals, organized for focused exploration.  They normally contain paid subscription content that you cannot find on the open web. 

You can quickly access our full list of 40+ databases on the library's Databases A-Z list.


About the Guide

This guide will help you gain proficiency in researching library resources to support course objectives. Move through the tabs of this guide to find advice on searching IBISWorld and working with its results.

About the Research Database

What journals are in IBISWorld?

There are many of the top reports in this collection.

Notable highlights include:

  • Industry Research Reports

  • Industry Risk Rating Reports

  • Global Industry Research Reports

When would I use IBISWorld?

This is the Library's largest education journal collection, so it is a great destination for every education assignment, practice exploration or literature review.

How do I search it effectively?

See the tab in the database guide titled Searching, for strategies.

Acceptable Use of Electronic Resources

All library databases have restrictions regarding appropriate use.  Please reivew the Acceptable Use of Electronic Resources page to ensure you are in compliance.