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Journal and Book Locator

Have a citation for a specific article or book? Learn how to use Journal & Book Locator to see whether your item is available in the library.

Journal & Book Locator

Do you.....""

  • Have a citation?
  • Know the journal title you want?
  • Want to see whether we have a specific book?
Get to Know Journal and Book Locator.

Using Journal and Book Locator with a Citation

Journal and Book Locator is the best tool to use if you already have a complete journal article citation or a book title and you want to see whether the library has the full document available. Journals and books are searchable through their respective tabs on the library home page, or you can click the Full journal and book locator link on the right of the boxes to search both simultaneously.

How to Search:

1. From the Library homepage, select the Journals or Books tab. 

2. Type the Journal Name or Book Title in the search box.  (DO NOT enter the article title.)

Example search in Journal and Book Locator


3. If the journal or book is found, you'll see it in your results list.  Read the date range (highlighted below) and compare with your citation to verify your article was published within those dates.  Click on the link to the database (circled below) where you will find full text.

Search result in Journal and Book Locator

Note: If the full text is not available use Interlibrary Loan.

4. If you are searching for a book, then the book should open during step 3 and you're ready to view your book.  If you're looking for an article, click the journal volume/issue you need.  (Note: You might have to first click on an "Archive" link to access the journal volumes & issues depending on which database you're in.)

5. Scroll through the list of article titles until you find the one you want.  Click a Full Text link to open the full text of the article.

Here is a multimedia of the instructions as well: Using Journal Locator

For another option for searching for a specific article (for example, if you have an article DOI, please see the Citation Linker instructions.