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MAT2050 u05d2 Library Research Guide: Statistical Literacy

Search Tips

KeywordsSearch only the main words that most accurately describe your research topic. Brainstorm synonyms or related terms.

Commands: Use these terms to connect your keywords.

  • AND - Limits your search, as results must include both words. (economy AND stimulus). AND is built in between advanced search boxes.
  • OR - Expands your search, as results can contain either of the words. Type OR to link synonyms. (dogs OR canines)

Limit Your Search

  • Search your keywords in the Abstract for precise results.
  • Limit to Scholarly (Peer-Reviewed) journals using the checkbox.

Expand Your Search

  • Asterisk (*) will search for articles that contain the root word with any ending. (analy* = analyze, analysis, analytically)

Call or email the Capella library staff for more tips.

Finding an Article for Your Assignment

Your assignment asks you to "find an article that discusses the use of statistics in quality control. If possible, try to select a quality control application that pertains to your chosen profession."  If you need clarification about your assignment, please contact your instructor.

This page contains boxes with general directions and search strategy tips for finding journal articles and links to Basic and Advanced library guides if you need a research skills refresher.

Use the tabs on the left to see example search strategies to research this topic in the suggested databases, ABI/INFORM Global and Business Source Complete.

ProQuest logo for ABI

Screenshot of search screen in Business Source Complete. 


Finding Journal Articles

How do I find scholarly articles?

The Library's Databases A-Z page is the gateway to finding millions of scholarly articles in the library, but searching the databases is different than searching Google or other search engines.



Learn More! Review our Search Strategy tutorial to learn how to save time with a good search.