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Sexuality in Middle Adulthood (SHB5003)

Before You Begin


Before you create a search strategy, review the following tutorials:

These and other refreshers are available to learners under
Skill Development Tutorials on the Library Guides Homepage.

Search Tips

KeywordsSearch only the main words that most accurately describe your research topic. Brainstorm synonyms or related terms.

Commands: Use these terms to connect your keywords.

  • AND - Limits your search, as results must include both words. (economy AND stimulus). AND is built in between advanced search boxes.
  • OR - Expands your search, as results can contain either of the words. Type OR to link synonyms. (dogs OR canines)

Limit Your Search

  • Search your keywords in the Abstract for precise results.
  • Limit to Scholarly (Peer-Reviewed) journals using the checkbox.

Expand Your Search

  • Asterisk (*) will search for articles that contain the root word with any ending. (analy* = analyze, analysis, analytically)

Call or email the Capella library staff for more tips.

Reading Your Assignment

Unit 8, Study 1 asks you to to do the following research, "Using the Capella University Library, locate a research article related to human sexuality in middle adulthood. The purpose is to identify issues associated with sexuality during middle adulthood. This article will help you form your posts for one of the unit discussions."

Accessing the Library Databases

1. Go to the Library Homepage.

2. Click the Databases tab.

3. Click Databases A-Z.

Databases A-Z link

3. Scroll down the alphabetical list to find the database you need.

Creating Your Search

Planning Your Search

There are many different words and phrases that express the same concept as our term Middle Adulthood. You may want to use them, as shown in the below search strategy, to make sure that you don't miss any good articles.

  • Middle Adulthood
  • Middle Aged
  • Older Adults
  • Midlife

To find articles about sexuality, use this term:

  • sex*

The asterisk (*) tells the databases to search for the root word with any ending, e.g. sex* will pull results for sex, sexual, sexuality, etc. This is a simple way to capture all the different forms of a word without having to type each one into the search box.

The field limiters tell the database to limit the search for your keywords to certain parts of the journal articles. For example, searching in the Abstract field tells the database to search for your keywords only in the abstracts (summaries) of the articles. 

Limit your search to Scholarly (Peer Reviewed) Journals if your instructor requires it, or if you simply want to find the best articles available on your topic.


Example Search Using Above Strategies

  • 1st search box: middle adulthood or middle aged or older adults or midlife  [limit to TI Title]
  • 2nd second box:  sex*  [Limit to AB Abstract]

Example search in SocINDEX


Example Article Found the Above Search

Article result from search