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Staying Organized & Keeping Track: Research Tools

Find ways to organize the resources you are using for your coursework, papers, and dissertation.

RefWorks - Getting Started

Start Saving Time!


RefWorks is a citation management software that can help you stay organized with your research papers.

Easily store your research citations.
Quickly organize your citations.
Create APA-formatted bibliographies using simple steps!

Learn more! See our RefWorks Tutorials!

  1. Creating a RefWorks Account
  2. Sending Articles to RefWorks 
  3. Managing Folders in RefWorks
  4. Creating a Reference List in RefWorks

Boost Your Efficiency!

Adult learners are always on the move. The library has a number of organization and tracking tools that can help you stay efficient with your courseroom research.

Click the tabs above or links below to find out more about these research tools from Capella University's Library:

  • Assignment Calculator:  The cure for procrastination! Type in the deadline for your assignments to see when you need to complete important steps in the writing process.  Write the dates into your calendar to stay ahead.
  • Database Research Log:  Have you ever closed a window or walked away and lost the search you were working on?  It can be maddening to try to recreate your steps from memory.  This research log helps keep track of where you have searched and what strategies and words have worked best.
  • RefWorks:  RefWorks can help you collect, manage, and store all of the citation information for the resources you find. Once you have your citation information organized in RefWorks, it will also help you create a bibliography or reference list for your project.
  • Scholarly Research Log:  Why waste time by forgetting what you have already read?  This downloadable Excel file allows you to quickly record important information about each article or book that you read.  Capturing the models, theories, notes and questions can help you speedily locate an article that you have already read.