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PHI1000: Personal Philosophy Project

PHI1000 - Give Us Your Feedback!

After using this library guide, do you feel more confident in conducting research for this course?

(1 = Not at all, 5 = Very much)

PHI1000 - Give Us Your Feedback!
1 = Not at all: 2 votes (40%)
2: 1 votes (20%)
3: 1 votes (20%)
4: 0 votes (0%)
5 = Very much: 1 votes (20%)
Total Votes: 5

Start your Search

Go to the Library's Web Site.  (Log in to iGuide.  Click Library in the top navigation menu.)

Screenshot of Library tab in iGuide

You have two options to search the library, depending on which you prefer.

See the other pages in this guide (Option #1:Summon Search or Option #2: Specialized Article Collections) for sample searches in the library for this assignment.

What are Peer Reviewed Articles?

What is a peer-reviewed article?


The peer-review publishing model is very different from the peer review you do in writing classes.

Learn more! See our Library Guide: What is peer review?