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PowerPoint Presentations

PowerPoint Handbooks

The following books are available in the Capella Library's ebrary database.

Learn How to Create PowerPoint Presentations

For help learning how to create a PowerPoint Presentation, see the handbooks listed at the left, or try any of these online resources:


There are also self-paced PowerPoint tutorials available in iGuide:

  1. At the top of the page put your mouse over Learning Resources to make the drop-down menu appear, then click Tutorials
  2. Click Self-Paced Learning.


PowerPoint users have posted a lot of help on the internet.  If you have a specific question or problem, try a Google search for the answer.  You may find that others have encountered and solved just your problem.  YouTube also has many PowerPoint videos to help you with more complicated PowerPoint questions.

If you don't have Microsoft Powerpoint...

There are a number of free presentation applications online.  If you don't have Powerpoint installed, you may want to consider some of the programs mentioned in these articles:

Before you use any of them, check with your instructor to make sure that they are acceptable. Then, check their websites or run an Internet search for tutorials so that you can use them properly.