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Library Guides

Saving Articles

Learn about the options for saving and organizing your library research.

Keeping Track of Your Research

When conducting library research, you will want to store the articles and/or article citations you find in a way that you can easily retrieve your research. There are a number of ways to organize and store the information/articles you've found. Use this guide to determine which way works best for you.

  • RefWorks: We highly recommend using this tool to organize your citations. While there is a learning curve when first using RefWorks, it can save you a lot of time in the long run. In addition to saving and organizing your citations, you can also use this tool to create APA reference lists, annotated bibliographies, and create in-text citations (with an optional download).
  • Sign up for a personal account in certain library databases to store articles in folders. Note: You must have an account in order to store information in folders on the database web site. If you do not have an account, any items stored in that folder will be removed once the session ends. See the Create an Account page for instructions to create accounts in various library databases.
  • Email the articles to yourself, print the articles, or save the PDF to your computer, flash drive, etc. See the Email/Print/Save page for instructions in each of the library databases.

Keep in mind, there is an option when doing a Summon search to save items in a temporary folder. PLEASE NOTE: This folder is always temporary. There is no way to permanently store items in the Summon folder itself. However, you can email the articles to yourself or export them to RefWorks, if you choose, before exiting the folder. For instructions, please see the Email/Print/Save page or RefWorks page, respectively.