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Scholar-Practitioner Research Guide

Background information and example searches for the scholar-practitioner research assignment.

Background Information

The Capella Library has an encyclopedia that provides background on the model.

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Introduction: The Scholar-Practitioner Article Search

About the Model:

At Capella, Master’s level learners are seen as “Practitioner-Scholars” (practitioners first). Doctoral level learners are seen as “Scholar-Practitioners” (or scholars first). The scholarly literature does not make this distinction, however, almost exclusively using the phrase "scholar-practioner." You can still use these articles for your research.


There is no one "official definition" for this model. Since the Scholar-Practitioner conversation has been going on since the 70's, there is no one accepted explanation. Instead, for your paper, construct or explain your personal definition of the terms based on your readings, and support your opinion with quotes and findings from the scholarly articles.

Sample Search

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Sample search.