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How to Search Within a Specific Journal

Use this guide to learn how to search for articles within a specific journal.

How to Search Within a Journal

To search for articles within a specific journal, follow the steps below:


Option 1: Select a recommended journal from the list on the left.

Option 2: Use Journal and Book Locator (searchable from the library home page) to find a link to the database that contains the journal you would like to search.

To search Journal and Book Locator:

- Click Journal and Book Locator here or use the Journals tab on the Library Home page.

journal search on main library page

- In the search box, type the journal title (e.g. Career Development Quarterly) and click search.

Select the database where your journal is indexed.

TIP:  If you are presented with several database options, select the database with the biggest date range.

Journal result in Journal and Book Locator



Once you have navigated to the journal record page within the correct database, look for a link or a search box that allows you to search within the publication. 

These links or search boxes often appear to the right or above the journal record.  Here are a few examples of what they may look like:

In EBSCO databases: 

- Click the Search Within this Publication link.  Then on the search page, enter keywords into the EMPTY search boxes (leaving first box populated).

                       Search within this journal link in EBSCO      



In Sage Journals Online:

Search within this journal search box in Sage






 In Proquest databases:

Search within this publication search box in Proquest


In Science Direct:
 Search within Publication search bar in Science Direct