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Finding Test & Measurement Instruments

Use this guide to learn how to find tests and measurement instruments, as well as validity and reliability information.

Tutorial Level

Advanced Library Skills

Finding Tests

Picture of pencil and standardized test.

There are many different names for...

  • Tests
  • Scales
  • Survey instruments
  • Measures
  • Measurements
  • Test Instruments
  • Mental Health Instruments
  • Research instruments

How to use this guide...

Learn how to find tests and surveys, reviews of tests, and what to know before you use tests to collect data. Click on the above tab or below link for the option that best fits your needs.

Which describes you?

A. I do NOT know the name of the test that I want yet.

  •  Click the Select the Best Instrument tab.

B. I already DO know the name of the test that I want.

Are you researching the quality of a test?

  • Click the Validity, Reliability, etc. tab.

Do you want to find the questions on the test?

  • Click the Find Published Tests tab.

Creating your own test

It is recommended that you find a published test or instrument to use for your research.  Howevever, if you find that you must write your own test, be aware that any research involving human subjects needs approval by the Capella University Institutional Review Board (IRB).